Monday, November 02, 2015


Our friend Diane Carson always has a fantastic Halloween party.  This year the theme was to come as a rock star.  Julie did an incredible job dressing as Gene Simmons from KISS.  She got the outfit off the Internet for $4.99!  It was perfect.  Then she proceeded to do her own makeup, not once, but twice.  We went to parties both Friday and Saturday evenings.
On our way to the party, we stopped to visit the Lutzker's and got to see one of Hannah's costumes this year.  Sally did her hair in perfect little Princess Leia buns.

As you can see, I took the idea of a rock star and stretched into into Reggae, going with the Bob Marley look.  I think I may go to a planning commission meeting dressed like this sometime soon.  Seems reasonable.
Hanging out at Diane's .  She does a great job of inviting her neighbors, but apparently not quite good enough last year.  Someone called the police.  This year there were no "bonus" events.

The only sad part of this Halloween is that we were a bit pressed for time and chose not to head down to the Park City Halloween Dog Parade.  We even went over and got Jasper's costumes, but it just didn't happen.  Great weekend though!
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