Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Wandering around in Park City

Well, it has been a while since I have put pictures out here. These are pictures I took from our townhouse in Park City, Utah and from the mountain directly behind us. Summer in Park City can be drop dead gorgeous. The air is very dry (high altitude desert) and the normal temperatures range from a low of 50 to a high of 80.

A lot of these pcitures are similar to other ones I have in the BLOG, only there is a dramatic difference between summer and winter here.

- Steve

One evening the sun was just setting and even though the sunsets are always hidden behind the mountains, we sometimes get those few minutes of color.

The view from out back

Moon rise at April Mountain

Probably my favorite picture of the day. This one lonely cloud appears to have chosen Jupiter Peak as its place to hang out for the day.

A nice view of Bald Mountain and most of the Deer Valley ski resort.

This light purple flower is all over the place.

Simple, but quite pretty.

I could only find one of these. It was a gorgeous little cactus blooming away at the base of a bush. It was as pretty as any rose you will see.

More flowers...

A nice yellow flower with a butterfly that was much to quick for me to get around behind him to get a better picture.

Not all the plant life is so friendly. There are hidden little piles of cacti all over.

This is the lower part of Park City with the ski runs of Park City Mountain Resort behind. The base of PCMR is at the righthand side of the picture.

The Deer Valley ski resort is on the left. Upper Park City is on the right. The first phase or our subdivision (April Mountain) is in the bottom righthand corner.

This is phase 2 of our subdivision (the line of townhouses) and phase 3 higher up the hill.

Phase 2 of our subdivision. Our place is the closest to the bottom of the picture. That is Bald Mountain in the background.

Looks like a new ski run over at Park City. Instead, it appears to be a nice dodge to get around the approvals for such a run. This huge cut up the hill is to run the utilities for a single house. Apparently it is easy to get approval for that. Once the trees are gone, "look, a ski run".

Our friends the Kahn's just moved in down on the Rail Trail. It is a nice community close to downtown, the golf course, and the high school.

This is their house a bit closer. You can see people walking the trail.