Monday, April 24, 2006

Dumpster Mania!!!

Some people do some spring cleaning and have to take a load to the dump. This year, we decided to do it up big! Julie hired a "deliver a dumpster" service to drop this Wolfpack Red beauty by. We have been attacking the attic, the yard, and everywhere around the house. It feels GOOD. Posted by Picasa
Everyone should do this once a decade, whether you think you need to or not. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Visit from the Smales

This week we had our last visitors for the winter. Julie's sister Sue and her family drove the 850 miles down from Portland, OR. They had a mix of terrible storms on the drive down and sun, drizzle, and snow here in Park City. In the picture, left to right are Jackie, Kelly, Marty, Laura and Sue. Behind them are the Park City ski runs. Posted by Picasa
Jackie is ice skating on the morning's driveway ice freeze. In the spring, every day is the thaw and every night it refreezes. Posted by Picasa
Laura throws like a girl! She was playing the never-ending game "snowball the dog". Posted by Picasa
On Monday, Sue, Laura and Kelly joined Julie and I for sking at Deer Valley. Everyone had a good day and made lots of progress. For late March, the snow was still in excellent condition. Posted by Picasa
Kelly is enjoying the gorgeous, sunny day, waiting for us to get our act together and go skiing. Posted by Picasa
Laura riding up the Carpenter lift with her stunning and talented ski instructor. Posted by Picasa
Kelly and Sue near the end of the day. The name of the ski run says it all! Posted by Picasa
One "fun for all ages" game is called Jenga (spelling?). Our version was the Made in China knock-off called Jumbling Tower. You keep pulling blocks out of the tower and then add them to the top of the stack. Each time, it gets taller and less stable. Here, Kelly is pulling from the bottom, with Laura and Sue hoping for the fall. Posted by Picasa
Marty, the careful expert. Little did he know that Laura is using her demon eyes to try and knock down the tower. Next time I will use the camera's redeye feature. Posted by Picasa
Sue crashes the tower. We had an "L" tatooed on her forehead. Posted by Picasa

Jasper the sky dog

As Spring comes and the snow here starts melting, I don't know what we will do for dog exercise. The dog LOVES snowballs. Posted by Picasa