Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What a gorgeous morning!!

This morning is was clear and crisp. Crisp in Park City means the temperature is around zero. After it snowed about 15 inches a few days ago, we haven't had more snow but we have had some frost from the brrrrr cold. I brought the camera along as Jasper and I walked up the mountain behind our house. You should probably double-click on each picture to see a bigger version. Most of the beauty is in the detail.

I couldn't quite figure out how to best show the incredible lace of frost that was on almost all of the low branches. When you shoot the picture down, the detail gets lost in the snow below it. Finally I decided to lay in the snow and shoot up at the sky. Mostly worked!

The sunrise wasn't very pretty in the clouds but the lighting of the snow, ice and frost was wonderful.

Where's Waldog?

Can you find the dog in this picture?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A wee bit o' skiing

Haven't gotten out to do much skiing so far this year. The snow just hasn't been that good and I am definitely spoiled. On Friday, Bruce Kahn and I trekked over to Alta where the snow was better (than in Park City). As you can see, Alta has some gorgeous scenery.

Bruce, cruising down the hill.

One of my favorite things about living in Park City is getting to watch the inversions. In December and January we get high pressure systems that come into the area and camp out. In Park City, these are bad because they mean no new snow. In Salt Lake, Ogden, Logan, ... the inversions are much worse. There is no wind to speak of, so the cold air gets trapped in the valleys. All the polution from cars, fireplaces, and industry just settles in and stays. On the same day we had gorgeous blue skies up in the ski areas, this was the view over the Salt Lake valley. All the grey and brown you see should be a city and mountains in the distance. Yuck!