Monday, September 19, 2005

Randy the moose

The other afternoon I saw some motion behind the house. I thought it was the subdivisions head construction guy Randy, who I needed to talk to. I opened the back door to see a moose butt heading aroound the corner. I grabbed my camera and went to the front door. He was standing about 15 feet away but decided he didn't like me or the camera and wandered off. He wasn't as huge as most bull moose so I am guessing that he is one of the two calves we saw here last year.

There was a report in the local paper that a moose had attacked a fiberglass moose about a quarter mile from here. Park City had one of those "paint the animals and sell them for charity" programs a few years ago. (Raleigh had wolves, Chicago had cows, ...) One of the painted moose is in someone's yard and apparently a real moose decided it was a threat. Based on the timing, I am guessing that young Randy the Moose was establishing his territory.
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