Sunday, September 03, 2006

Flying dogs (sort of)

One of the demonstrations they had at the Sheepdog trials was a Flying Canine demo. This group of human and dogs have won awards, been on TV and such. I really wanted to bring Jasper so he could learn. Unfortunately, no guest dogs allowed.

Just as well. This was a big let down. The guy doing the throwing and chatting was lame. The dogs gave it a good try but it was only impressive to the young children. The dogs dropped a lot of discs and they almost never got a good "sky". When Jasper and I go play in the park, he creates a much better highlight reel.

This dog got the opportunity to hop over some kids.

The most embarrassing part we saw (we left after this) was when the guy came out dressed as Superman with a little dog dressed as Superdog. The dog was a fat little thing that got no more than a few inches of air. The guy looked silly. The dog looked silly. The frisbee was poor. Yuck.

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