Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nuclear Fishin

Andy Overly put together another great fishing plan, but it almost came apart. We were heading to Cape Hatteras, planning to do some little fishing on Friday, then out for deep sea fishing on Saturday. As time to start came near, the weather forecast for Saturday started calling for rough seas, first 8-11 feet, then 9-12, and eventually 12-15 feet. They cancelled the trip. Andy got on the phone and found that we could craft together a trip for Friday, but half our crew couldn't get there. Still, I headed down Thursday afternoon to see what we could do.

This is Andy and Fredrick on the bridge over Oregon Inlet. We went out fishing Thursday night, hoping for Striper.

I was lucky enough to get to use the glow-in-the-dark lure. It was responsible for my catch of tasty fish.

On Friday, three of us ended up going out on a deep sea boat with two guys from Sanford and a guy from Canada. They were all very nice and we were INCREDIBLY lucky with the weather. The rain held off and we had 2-3 foot seas. This is Fredrick hauling in our fourth tuna of the day.

Joe caught two tuna before reeling in this nice dolphin. Most restaurants sell this as mahi-mahi.

My third and final tuna was my largest.

The final catch was 13 yellowfin tuna, one dolphin, and one more tiny dolphin that should probably have gotten tossed back in. Grand total: 442 pounds of fish and very nice weather. It started raining right about the time the boat docked.

A big thanks to Andy for putting the trip together and providing us with a gorgeous house to stay in!

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