Monday, February 26, 2007

Annual ski trip

OK, it really isn't a trip any more. Since both we and the Kahn's live in Park City, it seems much easier and cheaper to have everyone come here for skiing. After all, this area has some of the best skiing available.

Here is our group photo for the year. The two people missing are Anne and Bill. Anne had a sore knee and wasn't skiing this day. Bill had too much work at work and couldn't join us this week.

Top row: Mark, Tom, Sherrie, Carol, Julie, Bruce and Steve
Bottom row: Cameron, Katie, Carson, Hannah and Hilary

JohnQ, Bruce and Carol at Deer Valley

One night we had a Chilean chef from Deer Valley come over to the Kahn's house to prepare dinner. It was quite wonderful!

Bruce ripping through the powder.

Hilary, jumping off a ledge.

This is Cameron becoming at one with the snow.

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