Thursday, April 26, 2007

Visiting the farm

I started Ganymede Software with three friends, Tim Huntley, John Walker and Peter Schwaller. Tim was chosen as our president because of his serious interest in the business side of the business. Now that we have left Ganymede and NetIQ, we have all gone separate ways. I would have to say that Tim has diverged the most, going from hard driving financial negotiations to a private farm on 10 acres.

This week Julie and I went to visit Tim, Jenny, their two boys, and their farm animals.

They have three goats, two babies and a one year old. This is a picture of Clover (on the rock) and Ivy (on the ground). Little goats are like little puppies. They are lovable, follow you around, and pout if they aren't given enough attention.

This is a trick the goats taught Jenny. They get Jenny to get down on all fours and Ivy hops up on top. Tuck, the oldest, is getting in on the game.

Tim, styling in his official farm dude straw hat, is walking back to the barn (he built by hand) to milk the goat. "Tim milking a goat" is a phrase I wouldn't have ever believed I would say.

Can't have a farm without chickens. They have eighteen chickens and a rooster. Each day they get about a dozen gorgeous eggs. Because the chickens aren't fed all the processed crap the would get on a big chicken farm, the eggs have a very different color, an almost orange yolk.

While I didn't photograph all the produce sections, they have fruit trees, blue berries, lettuce, tomatoes, and many other things. We had an excellent vegetarian dinner included sweet potatoes, lettuce and asparagus, all from the gardens. Delicious!
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