Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Deck progress

After taking the railings, decking and stairs off the deck, it was time to prepare to put everything back. I had decided that I could make the deck really nice looking if I used one of the semi-new undermount deck systems. I had to screw down 120 plates, each with 10 screws. These attach to the joists and will later attach the decking from below. Simple math would say 120 x 10 = 1200 screws. Yeah, but I am an idiot and I put some on wrong. I had to unscrew 200 and put them back in again.

The railing posts are now bolted in place and with dad and Colleen's help, we got the decking on and screwed down. This is 29 boards, each with 32 screws, all done from the space under the deck.

The good news about having done all these stupid screws is that I end up with nice, long Trex boards with no visible screws or nails. Nothing to pop loose or catch a foot on. God I hope this lasts a very long time!

Now on to the stairs, the fascia and the railings. It's the home stretch.
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