Saturday, June 16, 2007

House progress

Most of the exterior stone is now up, and there is a lot of it. Here is a picture of the garage. I figure the 2x4s will come out before we move in.

This is the tile in our storage room. The floor and bathroom tiles are in for most everything but the master bathroom and entry way.

The first of three batches of cabinets are in (mostly). These are the ones with a cream stain. This is a view into the pantry. None of the cabinet trim is done, like crown molding.

This is half of the laundry room. I am shooting the picture from the door way and there is no way to catch the back wall.

This is the kitchen, shot from the living room. There are still some cream cabinets missing over on the right hand side. The island doesn't come until batch three. You can make out that the hardwood floors are in. It is walnut and should contrast nicely with the cabinets.

In general, everything is moving along quickly, but there sure is a lot left to be done. Nice to see it looking more and more like a house and less like a shell.
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