Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crap, now we killed Bruce

You have got to be kidding me. Two weeks after bringing Barbie down on a toboggan, we end up doing the same thing with our friend Bruce Kahn.

It started with a huge powder day. Jim Saunders, Julie and I met up with Bruce Kahn over at Deer Valley. There was a foot of new powder and the snow was coming down hard.

Bruce took us down some power lines under the Mayflower Lift. You can see that he is chest deep in the snow.

Bruce makes this part look easy.

Julie was using her recent ski training to hammer through the fluffy bumps.

Julie was bouncy, fast, and under control.

Jim was working hard to get through the snow on skis that weren't built for heavy powder. That's why the locals all have ski quivers.

After a good set of turns, it was time to sit down in the snow and rest.

Then bad stuff happened. We were heading down Legal Tender when Bruce took a bad fall. He fell forward and tore his calf muscle. Ski Patrol came down pretty quickly with a toboggan. I took off to get the car from the base. This is looking back through the snow. The clump of people on the lower slope is Bruce, Julie, and two ski patrollers.

I got to Silverlake with the truck but there was already an ambulance there. When you tear a big muscle you can have problems with something I think was called Compartment Syndrome. They wanted to get him to medical care quickly.

Looks like Bruce is probably out for the rest of the ski year. He was in a lot of pain, but that can be helped with pharmaceuticals. The problem is that a torn muscle takes time to heal.

Julie and I are beginning to worry about having bad ski mojo.
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