Monday, March 02, 2009

Skiing with more Raleigh folk

This week, two different families were out in Park City for ski vacations. I managed to ski with both of them yesterday.

I used to work with Jim Fletcher at IBM. His wife was taking a day off from skiing, so it was Jim, his daughter Hannah and his son Matt. They were both excellent skiers and spent quite a bit of time zipping through the trees. Jim and I tried to keep up through the hard packed bumpy trails.

We ate at the Mid-Mountain restaurant. I was afraid to come close to any of Hannah's food. She seemed quite protective.

Then I got a call from Christine Tyburski. She was not only at the same resort, but the same lift. That made it pretty easy to catch up with Christine and her dad. She was a good friend from NC State. A number of girls in her suite became friends with guys on my hall.

OK, I didn't ski with this guy, but I did think he was funny. The liftees at the bottom of the King Con lift had built him. He seems to be trying to pick up snow chicks.

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