Friday, December 28, 2012

A busy day

Yesterday was an interesting mix of activities.  In the morning we headed over to Canyons for some skiing. Before we got up the mountain we got a text from Cathy Clark.  She met up with us and we had numerous runs skiing powder. Cathy is the head of Furburbia, where we adopted Jasper and Cosette. She's also the wife of Chad, who I go out with searching for elk.

We got lunch just before the huge Christmas mob arrived, at which point we went home. One of the biggest advantages to living in a ski town is that you can chose to stay home on the busiest days, and the week between Christmas and New Years is off the charts.
Last night we got dressed up and went to the Silver Queen Ball, a fundraiser for the Park City Museum.
The musical entertainment for the evening was none other than Otis Day and the Knights. Yes, that is the band from the 1978 movie Animal House. I'm just glad Otis didn't die during the evening.  As old as he is, singing at  an elevation of 9,000 feet was a bit much.  He was literally sucking from an oxygen tank between songs.
A little trivia:   Did you know that Otis was actually lip-synching in Animal House? The songs Shout and Shama Lama Ding Dong were actually sung by Lloyd Williams.
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