Tuesday, May 07, 2013

More from Moab

We have been having some rainy days here in Moab. There have been enough decent times to get in some hikes and runs, but nothing clear enough to get interesting photos. It has given me time to catch up on processing some of the ones I took during my symposium.

You really have to double click on this one to get a good view of how many stars there were.  Even that won't show you what I see with a 30+M pixel original.  Simply astounding!  These are the North and South Windows in Arches National Park.
If you ever have any doubts about the effects of light polution, check out Moab, which is a small town, without that many lights. I am about 10 miles away taking this photo.
OK, time for some fun. I was in Arches with another symposium goer, Robert Howell.  He does a lot of night photography and was teaching me some tricks of the trade.  Then he pulled out some little LED lights and we had some fun.  This required being able to draw without being able to see.
And this was from spinning the LED on a string.  I have no idea who the person is on the right edge of the photo.  While it doesn't appear it with a 30 second exposure, it was pitch black out.
And one photo from the daytime.  This is the Fisher Towers with a bit of reflection in the Colorado River.  You would normally have a hard time finding such smooth water in the river during the spring, but it is running very low this year.  Not a good sign for all the water piggy states downstream.  I mean you Nevada (Las Vegas) and California (Los Angeles)!
I have a few more I will try to get posted, but I really hope we get some nicer weather for some shots this week. It is a spectacular area.
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