Thursday, February 13, 2014

The snow is adding up

We have been behind on our snowfall this year.  Bad for skiing and worse for the water supply.  So far February has brought a lot of improvement.
This picture really sums up what has been happening for the past week. Quite a bit of snow, but with warmer temperatures.  Notice that the driveway is clear.  This weekend we had about 2 feet of fairly heavy, dense snow.  Not an epic Utah fluffy powder day, but good skiing and a ton of water.  Since then we have probably had another 8-12", even a bit heavier.  

Julie and I skied this morning and she thought it was fantastic.  I am a big fan of the dry, light fluff, but it was a lot better day than I had expected.  Most important, the snow pack is starting to get closer to normal, at least for Utah.

A few more small storms during Presidents Day week, with perhaps something bigger next Thursday.  Keep it coming!!!
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