Monday, October 20, 2014

A delinquint hodge podge

I haven't been posting much to my blog lately.  It isn't that I haven't been doing that much. It is mostly due to the rare times when I have been taking pictures.  So, here is a collection of things that have been going on, all viewed from my iPhone.

We had a very wet August and September, but October has been Rocktober! Gorgeous weather, week after week.  Mostly just blue skies, but when the clouds show up, they have been very interesting.
 The Planning Commission has been very busy.  Nothing quite like the fun of getting 680 pages to review on Friday night and having to have read through it by Wednesday.  Sometimes we get to go on field trips, although the city calls them site visits.  The embarrassing thing is that as city employees or representatives, we have to wear boots, vests and hardhats, even though the site is mostly like your back yard.
The pets are doing well, but the kitty has been hankering for a new box.  We didn't have one for her so she dug around and opened up a tiny old one.  That is one determined cat.
 Julie and I have been playing a fair amount of golf lately.  We know that the end is near for the Park City golf season, so we have been squeezing it in.  The course is prepping for winter, which means pulling out my favorite golf sign. 
 Julie keeps getting better.  I figure next year some time she will start beating me.
 You don't get great shots with an iPhone looking back into the sun, but what a glorious day to be out golfing!
I was going to head up into the Uintah mountains last night to do some serious star photography but it fell through.  Partly me being tired and partly Julie not wanting me out just beyond nowhere, late at night, by myself, without cell phone service.  I suppose that's reasonable.  Weather permitting, I will try again Thursday night.
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