Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day

I took a couple of shots related to Valentine's Day.

Let's start with the candy shelf at the local Rite Aid Drug Store.  This was taken on Saturday, Valentine's Day, so unless there was a substantial last second run on chocolate, there was going to be a lot left.  I wondered if it would all be on a great sale the next day.
Here is the same shelf two days later.  One poor box of chocolate left.  There is no way they sold all that.  Where did it go?  Will we see it again next year?  Does it get bundled up and sold at Costco? Are the people at Food Banks enjoying sweets?
I gave Julie a dozen roses, but borrowed one for a few minutes to take it's picture. Roses really are gorgeous.
And then I played around with some post processing to come up with something a little more artsy.
You just can't go wrong shooting pictures of roses.
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