Saturday, September 26, 2015

Annual hike to the Silver Fork Lodge

A record 16 of us did Ron and Carol Lee's hike over to Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was the Lee's fifteenth year and our fifth.

Half way up Rob's trail we ran into a dad, a mom and a baby moose.  They were hidden in the trees enough to prevent a great photo, but it was a nice start to the trip.  A bit earlier, they had actually been hanging out on the trail.  You could tell because of the large poop deposits they left for the mountain bikers to run through.
This shows a good example of how aspens spread.  One family is interconnected by the roots as a giant living organism.  An interconnected group changes color all at once.
Nice color and beautiful blue skies.
Julie and I.  Thanks for the photo Randy.
Not quite everyone, but most of the group as we get to Desolation Lake.  A little bit further and we turn down Bear Trap Canyon heading into Big Cottonwood.
Hiker Julie!
After 10.5 miles and a lot of up and down over the mountains, we reach the Silver Fork.  It's a great little place to stay the night (very simple) and an even better place to eat lunch and dinner.  The owner, Dan, is about as nice as he could possibly be.
The next day we chowed down on a big breakfast and took off again.  Sunny and highs of 80.  It didn't feel like late September.  On last year's hike we were hiking through some light snow.
There aren't that many ponds up in this stretch of mountains, but this one offered some nice reflections just above the Jupiter chairlift.
The only mildly annoying thing we ran into was the construction at Park City Mountain Resort.  Vail has a ton of lift work going on and it resulted in quite a few trail closures.  That meant having to detour off our normal routes, but nothing much.  This is the new King Con lift.

Great weather. No hail this year. No medical emergencies. No one getting locked out of their rooms all night.  It was pleasantly void of excitement.
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