Thursday, January 05, 2006

The new pets

The big news for Julie and I is our new pets. We have had dogs and cats almost all of our lives, so the past year or two without them has been very sad. After returning from Christmas in Portland, we went to Furburbia, the local no-kill shelter.

The first pet we brought home was a 2-year old lab/collie mix. His name was Baxter, but we found that his original name had been Jasper, changed by a second owner. We liked Jasper better and he seemed to remember that name. So, Jasper it is.

The second pet came a few days later. She is a tortie-point Siamese, about 4 months old. She came without a name, so we picked Cosette, from Les Miserables. She is as cute as kittens get and did very good with the dog.

We now have to get them both conditioned to living with in the family. Shelter pets often bring some "issues" stemming from early separation from mom, no clear family, etc.
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