Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sundance Day whatever

It is Saturday and we are nearing the end of Sundance. It officially ends tomorrow but there is a special showing Monday night of the best documentary and best drama, just for locals.

On Friday night we went and saw Alpha Dog, a film by Nick Cassavetes. If was a story about some young gang members, a kidnapping of a younger brother, and follows it through. Pretty intense movie, and pretty good. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Justin Timberlake can act! He won't be up for an Oscar, but he did a good job with a major part. Bruce Willis and Sharron Stone were also in the movie, but had fairly minor parts. I would put this somewhere in the middle of my film ranking, but I am sure it will be at major theaters.

Jim McQuaid is out watching another five movies today. Actually, probably a lot more since most of today's sessions are shorts, which means that in your two hours of sitting, you probably see 7-8 short films. To make his film going more interesting, it is snowing very hard right now (4 pm) and they are calling for a foot by morning. Might be fun getting back to the townhouse, since Jim's last film session will end after midnight.
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