Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mucking about

The picture is kind of crappy because the only camera I had was my phone. Beats nothing I guess.

I have been doing some work with the Swaner Nature Preserve. East Canyon Creek is part of the preserve but has been suffering some erosion problems. Every winter, the local high school does a fund raising activity where they will come haul off your dead Christmas tree for a few bucks. Then they give the dead Christmas trees to Swaner. Then people like me wade into the creek and anchor the trees to the bank where there is erosion, most commonly the outside of a curve. If anchored and tied correctly, they should withstand the spring floods. Eventually the tree become a place where sediment is deposited and we can go back and plant willows as a better long-term solution.

I was in the creek in shorts. Trust me, even in August the mountain streams are a bit brisk.
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