Friday, August 04, 2006

Moose Visitor

I know there have been a number of moose visits blogged, but it is just too incredible to see these huge animals wandering through the yard with little or no concern of humans, dogs, or cars.

This youngster came wandering through the yard this morning. The Aspen trees are one of the things that draws them in. They like the leaves, but have trouble getting to them on more mature trees. Our newly planted landscaping is just dandy.

This is what a moose looks like charging down the hill at a dog who seemed to want to go up and sniff the moose's butt to say "howdy". The dog wasn't barking, just curious. The moose was having none of it.

Just the same, it appears that this moose has been given some hunting dog training and knows how to go on point. Not sure how you take him hunting with you though.

I was telling the moose a joke I had read about Mel Gibson and Jews. The moose thought it was great!

After a tasty meal of Steve's Aspen leaves, you need a drink. Seems the only little pools of water were those on our hot tub. I have it covered under a tarp and covered with rocks to keep it from blowing away in our high winds. It was a lot of work for just a little water, so I went ahead and put a big bowl out for him. Perhaps he will come back and enjoy it.

Our neighbors saw a HUGE bull moose near our house the other morning, but we missed it. She said it was as big as she had ever seen. I will definitely try getting some pictures of him.
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