Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Visit from dad, Colleen, and Zoey

This weekend my dad and his wife, Colleen, came to visit. They have been RVing around the northwestern corner of the US. They brought the RV into Utah and stayed in luxurious Coalville, which is about 25 miles from our house in Park City. We did some hiking and sightseeing.

Here they are at the top of Bald Mountain over at Deer Valley. This is one of the most interesting places to visit to get a view of the surrounding country.

We went to the Utah Olympic Park and saw an exhibit of both the aerial and nordic ski jumping. In the aerial jumping, they go as high as 60 feet in the air doing twists and flips.

This person seems to be taking a more free-form approach. I am sure the landing is a bit more painful.

After the aerials, we went down to the nordic jumps where people were going off both the 90 and 120 meter jumps. Although I didn't get a picture, the most impressive thing was an eleven year old doing his first jump off the 120 meter. A good jump off this jump will fly you well over a football field through the air.

Not a lot more in the way of pictures from the weekend. On Monday, they took off and headed into Wyoming, slowly heading back east to NC.
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