Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sundance 2007

Well, I have been doing a poor job of blogging this year's Sundance. Better late than never.

This year my cousin Sara came out from Atlanta. We did a mix of movie going, star stalking and skiing. Quite a nice week. Here are the movies we saw, followed by a few star pictures.

Chicago 10 - This was one of the two opening films. It discusses the anti-war riots in Chicago in 1968. The director's mom was staying with our friends, the Kahn's. They have been family friends for many years. Good movie. Creative mix of film and animation. Rare to see a documentary as an opening film at Sundance. Extremely timely for the troop increases for Iraq. 3 stars.

Delirious - A fun, emotional film about the dark life of paparazzi. Steve Buscemi was the perfect actor for the part of the slightly demented photo stalker. 2.5 stars

Noise - An Australian film about a policeman with a hearing problem, caught up in a nasty mass murder. Well written. Different sound effects, putting you in the position of the suffering policeman. Sometimes difficult to understand the Australian accent when combined with the odd sounds. 3 stars.

Hound dog - This one has been getting a lot of national attention from the religious right. A twelve year old gets raped in the movie. The protesters want the director charged on child pornography. It just goes to show you how stupid Americans can be. The people complaining about the movie aren't at Sundance and they haven't even seen the movie. They "heard" about it though. The movie is actually awesome and incredibly well done. The 12 year old is Dakota Fanning. The girl is simply not human. No 12 year old can act this good. She carries a very deep, emotional movie to perfection. The rape scene is key to the suffering of this girl. It is filmed as tastefully as you possibly can while still exploring her life. Total time on screen, about 15 seconds. 5 out of 4 stars.

Blame it on Fidel
- a French film with subtitles. It was a story about a little girl, growing up in France with parents who are Chilean political activists. The girl was probably about 8 years old. She was a wonderful little actress. Very expressive. 3 stars.

I will be seeing a few more movies and will blog them as I go.

Julie and Sara did the wait list line to see Grace is Gone. They said it was excellent.

This is Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight on the office. He is giving the thumbs up after I told him I have a Dwight bobble head. This was a Christmas gift from my brother in law, Marty.

If you have to have a nice shot, why have it of this guy? This is Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on Saved by the Bell. He was in town having a "collect the most SWAG" contest with Gary Coleman. Nice to see their careers have blossomed.

Steve Buscemi leaving his movie Delirious.

Puff Diddy. P-Daddy. Whatever....

... and a fur-lined Tara Reid.
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