Sunday, July 29, 2007

A hike to Mirror Lake

We went to Mirror Lake today with some friends who are building a house just around the corner from ours. It was cloudier than we expected, but it was still scenic at Mirror Lake.

After leaving Mirror Lake, we headed up a hike to the top of Bald Mountain. About half way up, it started to rain. Not being sissies, we decided to keep going. Then the rain changed to hail, and quite a bit of it. Changing into sissies, we headed back down the mountain. It was down to 53 degrees when we got to the bottom.

This is a bad picture of poor Jasper, trying to run down the mountain. He was getting pelted by the hail and there was just no place to hide. You can see the hail piling up on his back, even though he was moving at a decent clip.

We blew off our picnic lunch and headed back to Park City, where Royal Street cooked us up a wonderful (warm) meal.
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