Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hiking at Crystal Lake

I went hiking up in the Uintah mountains the other day. They are about 45 miles from Park City. It is gorgeous up there. The flowers are in bloom. There are lakes everywhere. Quite spectacular. You need to click on some of these photos to see larger versions. The view is lost in the tiny sizes.

These lovely little purple flowers were all over in basin meadow.

This basin looked like an ad for a seed company. There was a mix of different colors, shapes and sizes. I am astounded that they do this well when we haven't had rain for a month.

The hikes are really about the lakes. The Uintah's are just full of lakes, many of them man-made. I got there early in the morning while the winds were still. The reflections were beautiful, until Jasper ran down into the lakes, muddied the water a bit, and made lots of ripples.

There was a pair of lakes called the Lily Lakes. It seems odd that you would have water lilies growing in a lake at over 10,000 feet in altitude.

A bit hard to spot, but there were lots of people fishing at the lakes closest to the parking lots. This is Crystal Lake.

The final picture is from about 8 miles down the road. The highway into the park is called the Mirror Lake Highway. This is Mirror Lake. If you look closely, you can see one of the float fisherman. That seemed like a great way to fish, out floating around in this kind of scenery.

If you notice that the skies are clear, but not blue, it is because of the smoke and haze from the fire burning in southern Utah. So far the fire has consumed 340,000 acres!
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