Thursday, August 16, 2007

More house

Things are rocking over at the house. In addition to starting the stain and paint upstairs, other subs have been quite busy. Hard to see on this picture (easier if you double-click on it), but they are starting the rock walls for landscaping out front. There is one running along the sideway and then a few decorative curvy ones up one the hillside.

Our two big, shiny chimney caps are on. Too bad the copper will darken over time. It sparkles right now.

All the backsplash tile is going in. This is the bar area.

A lot of the showerheads and faucets are now in. Notice that the light is on!!! All of the downstairs can lights and some of the decorative ones are installed and have power. It is fun to actually see some of the darker rooms.

... and yes, we even have some toilets installed.

Now we just wait for our return from vacation.
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