Monday, August 27, 2007

Touring the Northwest - Portland

Julie and I went for an eight day trip to the lovely Northwest. We hit Portland, Seattle, and San Juan Island.

The first few days weren't really to Portland, but to Hillsboro, OR, which is about 20 miles outside of Portland. We were visiting Julie's sister and her family. Sue and Marty are busy raising three girls, which are getting older at an incredible rate. I know I am not getting older that quickly.

Here are Jackie, Laura and Kelly, left-to-right, from youngest to oldest.

One of our trips was to Portland's Japanese garden. Very pretty!

One of the biggest changes going on in the Smale household is Kelly reaching 16. She is in driver's ed and she drove us around on most of our trips. Here is a picture of her working on some class extra credit: changing a tire.

After mastering most of the tire changing, she figured out how things are really done. This is her looking cute, getting her dad to put the tire back on. Women learn at such an early age.

Our visit with the Smale's was a blast. Card playing. Beer drinking. Hanging with the nieces. Nice to get in a visit before they head back to school next week.
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