Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jasper versus Bullwinkle

Yesterday Jasper and I went up the mountain behind our house to play a round of tennis ball fetch. After catching the first throw, Jasper decided he had better ideas than to bring the ball back. He saw a pair of moose on the hill and without hesitation, took off chasing the bull. He gave it a good run up the mountain before deciding to come back to me. He was quite lucky the moose didn't take a more aggressive posture. Perhaps he was just surprised at the 53 pound missile that was streaking towards him.

This morning we took a much more peaceful approach and I brought my camera (with 640mm of lens). After playing fetch for a bit, he started staring into the woods. I got him to sit and sure enough, out comes the bull. He was directly into the early morning sun, so pictures would have been terrible. We walked around him. A long ways around him and came up from the other side. This time Jasper was very quiet and calm. He sat at my side for about 15 minutes as I took some pictures. The moose was interested, but not terribly concerned. The female moose was somewhere in the trees ahead. We could hear her, but never saw her.

The moose is probably only two years old, and not that big for a bull. However, he would be very large for a cow, horse or car.

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