Saturday, September 15, 2007

We can send the finish line, but it is far off

Lots starting to happen at the house. The people who do the pavers were busy this week grading out the driveway so the it forms the base for the pavers. Tons of gravel. Tons of hard work. Now the radiant heat guys are starting to lay the tubing. It should take them two or three days and then the pavers start going down.

The big news is that the painters have finished everything but a bit of touch-up upstairs. They have pealed off all the plastic and masking. Now all the other trades can come in and start working upstairs. Should be a busy week. This is an awkward look up at the ceiling. You can see the big beams have been stained and the ceiling is painted.

This is my office. The color looks a bit odd, but it is really the base coat for some faux painting that will be done.

Meanwhile, downstairs is looking much closer to finished. The shelving is in the closets and the carpet is down.

Here is a little better picture of the carpet.

This week we are looking for some progress on electrical, plumbing, the deck, and the driveway.
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