Saturday, October 06, 2007

Moooooo se

Late this afternoon we got a call from one of our neighbors, Todd. He knows that I like taking pictures and I really enjoy moose. He said there was a family hanging out in the condos in the lower part of our neighborhood. Of course, I drop what I am doing and wander down.

This is a really mediocre picture, but it is the only one where I could get dad (lower) in the same photo as mom (left) and the kids (following mom).

Dad is pretty majestic looking. I think he was posing.

Dad is seriously big. He is a good bit further down the road than the car.

Whew. It's been a tough day. Time to hang out and rest on the nice squishy grass.

Meanwhile, mom is in charge of watching Steve while the kids eat a tree. The sad part is that the tree is in the back yard of our good friends Bill and Loris Benson.

Mom finally decided that dad had a good idea of lounging about and must have decided that I was little threat to the kids. I am shooting this picture from about 40 feet away. Normally I would not get this close, but I am confortably set on a flight of stairs and I am poised to run if mom gets annoyed.

Lots of fun. I just wish they would do this on a nice sunny day. It was 6:30 in the evening with light snow and the sun behind the clouds. Oh well.....
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