Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming into the home stretch

Well, the house is nearing completion as the snow becomes a bit more frequent. We now believe we will be moving in right after Halloween (perhaps the 2nd). If you double click to see the bigger picture, you can tell we have had some landscaping. Mostly aspens, spruces, and Canada Reds. We even have a couple of hundred square feet of lawn. This is our first grass that we don't intend to spray with round-up. I wouldn't have done it, but I wanted a place where the dog could be outside and still avoid mud.

Lots of plants going into our Great Wall of Park City, the 750,000 pound retaining wall. This is a collection of shrubs with some vines to grow up the wall and some junipers to drape down.

Out front, you can see a million foot (hoof) prints in the dirt. These are from the local deer cruising through, check out the newly planted salad bar.

More faux painting. This is in the dining room. They are nearing completion.

The stone guys finished the stone arch going from the living room into the kitchen. The bright flash makes it a bit ugly. It isn't really.

Phone and ethernet are in and wired neatly.

Cable is in, but not terribly complete or neat yet.

Which just leaves us with all these. I am sure they do something important.

Two weeks! We are keeping our fingers crossed.
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