Thursday, November 01, 2007

Well, it's about damn time!

Finally. After 18 months of waiting, we have a house. We got our Certificate of Occupancy today, so we can officially live there. We start moving our smaller and more fragile stuff tomorrow and over the weekend. The movers come to get all the furniture on Monday. Yeah!!!!

A few more pictures:

Modeled after China's Great Wall and Tiananmen Square, but larger, our driveway and retaining wall.

We did this epoxy coating on the garage floor. It looks really nice, making the place look a lot more finished. Supposedly it will be much more resistant to stains, salt, oil and such.

When your driveway has more pavers than Tiananmen Square, it takes a lot to heat it for melting snow. The 1,000,000 BTUs of boiler are above. These are the pumps and controls for the glycol-water mix that heats the pavers. Do we need it? They pressure washed the pavers this morning and where there was shade, there was a thin, slick layer of ice at 10:00am.

This is Julie's work of art. She saw some pictures in magazines, pieced ideas together, and crafted an arched stone facade for the cook top and blower. It has nice little tile niches on each side for storing spices, oils, etc. It ended up taking a great deal of thought from the builder, carpenter, stone mason and tile guy to figure out how to could be built. Success!

Faux, faux, and more faux. We like how the walls take on more character with a faux finish, but it turns out that most of the things thought "faux", aren't. Faux painting is really about painting something to look like something else. This is an example of an electric plug in our kitchen's tile backsplash.

This, while thought of as faux, is really a textured paint style. This is our very purple downstairs powder room, minus it's mirror. The tile guy is over building the mirror as I type.

Another stylistic finish in an art niche.

But the most outrageous one is in my office. Hard to tell from the picture, but it is painted to look like the many layers of old weathered paint you might see on an old house or barn. The top layer is done over glue to make it old and crackly looking.

Well, that should be all for the "building our house" pictures. Now it is time to go move in.
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