Sunday, November 11, 2007

In for real

No pictures today, but great news. We have moved all our stuff and have been living in our new house since Monday. The condo is empty and has been completely cleaned. Hopefully it will sell soon.

Getting settled is a lot of work. Now I remember why I move so very infrequently. It has been a week of almost constant moving and putting away. Long days, measured simply by piles. Piles of stuff left at the condo, piles of stuff in the garage at the house. Piles in each room. We are now down to zero piles in the condo, a few around the house, and a garage that can't begin to fit a car in any of the three bays. Oh well.

A few more things have been done on the house, but I discovered one of the most important. Back on July 11th, 2006, I noted that our construction was official because we had our own Port-a-Potty. Now it is gone. I guess the work is over.

We are heading back to Raleigh for a short stay. While we're gone, our punch list will hopefully see great progress. Then we can really settle down in time for the skiing and holidays.
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