Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fall has fallen

I left the camera on and drained the battery, so I don't have pictures, but watching the end of fall is amazing. The trees in the pictures from a week ago have lost every leaf. However, some of the trees are a little more tight-fisted and refuse to give up their foliage. Last night saw temperatures around 23, so I think that was the trigger for the forest to give up and go dormant.

There is a 30 foot Crepe Myrtle tree out front. Until yesterday, it still had almost every leaf. This morning, with absolutely no wind, it is dropping leaves at a rate of 10-20 per second. Constantly. It looks and sounds like a pretty rain shower, dressed in yellows and reds. By noon it will be as naked as the rest of the yard. It really is gorgeous to watch.
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