Friday, April 18, 2008

Back in Raleigh

We get back to the nice sunny weather in Raleigh. We can open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. NOT! The pine pollen season came a bit late this year. If you open the windows, your house will be coated with a layer of green/yellow dust. Here is a view of the picnic table on the deck.

The flowers were loving the rain from March and early April. I nearly killed this Carolina Jasmine when I tore out the old deck and built the new one. Seems to be recovering quickly though.

These prettt purple flowers grow out back under the oak and maple trees.

Dogwoods are in bloom everywhere and so is this similar looking bush. It is a relative of the Japanese Snowball, but I never could figure out which for sure.

Once the pine pollen died down a bit, I decided it was safe to put the cushions out on the chairs in the screen porch. Before I could finish hauling them all out, the little queen had claimed a new comfy throne.

Off to go golfing with Darrell Baber, Jason Shive and Mark Pozefsky. It is supposed to be in the low 80s today. Wow! Wish I could golf in the low 80s. I golf more like Phoenix in August.
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