Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visiting with the Huntley kids

Had lunch the other day with Tim Huntley, one of the co-founders of Ganymede Software. Having not seen him for a while, I ask the normal "what's new?" He answers that two of his goats are pregnant. Not something that normally comes up in my conversations.

So, yesterday we took a trip to the Huntley house/farm to see Tim, Jenny, Neil, Evan, and the goats. Tim appears to be a pied piper of goats. They know they are headed towards the barn, and food.

One of the baby goats playing in the barn. He (or she) is only about two weeks old. I feel for the mom goats. The babies are born quite large compared to other animals. Think about a two week old puppy. Most are like a large fist of fur that just wallows around.

Getting some milk from mom.

Things I learned about goats, some of which is common sense:
  • Goats are great lawn mowers. Put them in an area you want cleared and they will eat the brush, grass, briers, ....
  • If you want your goat to make milk, you have to have it get pregnant every year.
  • People want female goats, not males. Male goats are ornery and don't make milk.
  • Male goats actually pee on their own heads to make themselves more attractive to the females. See the point above about not wanting males.
  • If all you have is females, but you want milk, you have to send you goats on vacation at what seems to be a male goat prostitution farm. I am not sure that as a farmer, I would want to be a goat pimp.
... and finally, a picture of Jenny with Neil. Notice the cool shades he's wearing.

Sorry Evan, no picture on this trip.

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