Monday, May 26, 2008

Boating on Falls Lake

Hanging out on another of Mark and Barbie Reid's recreational vehicles. The same folks who owned the 36 foot Tiara, have a nice ski boat that they take out on Falls Lake. We went out on Memorial Day, apparently with 10,000 of our finest friends and boaters. Quite the crowd around the docks.

The weather was perfect. Sunny and around 80 with little humidity. Here you can see Barbie and Julie with our wonderful snackin' spread. Mark only managed to get his legs in the picture.

Barbie, enjoying the day.

... and then we went wake boarding. Mark started off by showing us how to do it. I would have taken some pictures, but I was driving the boat (although not doing terribly well with speed control). Then I got to give it a try. I would best describe my five attempts as "wake boarding with a manatee." A quote came to mind: Golf is a good way to ruin a nice walk. I would offer: Wake boarding is a good way to ruin a nice day of boating.

This is as close as I ever got to "up". The rest of the time was spent crashing in one direction or another. I'll stick to snow skiing and even snow boarding. At least the water was nice.

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