Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kathy's big 30th+ birthday!

This weekend Julie and I made a field trip up to Annapolis, Md. We spent Thursday night with my mom. On Friday, mom took off for a birding conference and we headed into town. Our reason for the trip was to help celebrate Kathy Covaleski's birthday. She is a friend and neighbor from Park City but she travels back and forth to their home in DC.

The party, and our attendance, were supposed to be a surprise. Unfortunately, the Covaleski's friends weren't so adept at the idea of keeping a secret. Kathy was constantly probing for info on "the boat ride". On Friday we hooked up with Bill and Loris Benson, Park City neighbors who had flown out for the weekend. In this picture, we have settled on the docks, watching boats and enjoying a spectacular day.

Jim and Kathy met us at our lovely B&B and we did the "SURPRISE" thing, followed by some champagne. From left to right, it's Julie, Kathy and Loris.

Dinner that night was at O'Leary's Seafood. It was some of the best seafood I have ever had. Try the crab cakes!!

Another couple, Gary and Tori (sp?), met us for dinner. After finishing, we went back to their sail boat for yet more drinking.

Leaving the sail boat, we had about a mile or two walk back to the B&B. We tried to get a cab, but no one ever came to get us. Half way home, we found a nice bar to stop at. They kicked us out at 2:00. When we finally got back, I felt obligated to take another quick photo. Notice that everyone seems happy and bright, as though they are heading out for the night. That is of course, except for Jim, who was quite ready for bed.

We stayed at the Annapolis Inn. It is a wonderful little place, very historic and only a block or two from the docks. Alex and Joe were two of the nicest inn keepers you could ever meet. Here we are enjoying our wonderful three course breakfast.

The weather was great the entire weekend, except for about 2-3 hours Saturday afternoon when a nasty storm blew through. This coresponded almost exactly to the time period the guys had decided to rent scooters and cruise Annapolis. I believe the line from Forrest Gump is "Stupid is as stupid does."

Jim and Bill, waiting out the rain.

Fortunately the rain cleared before the big party Saturday night. Jim had arranged the Lady Pintail, a 96 foot motor yacht, to take about 50 of Kathy's friends out for a three hour cruise. If you have ever watched Gilligan's Island, that should make you nervous. Fortunately, our trip up the Severn River was without problem.

Since it was Kathy's 30th birthday, I can't figure out why she is holding something that says "50 Sucks". Perhaps just planning for the future.

After the big storm, the boat ride was blessed with nice temperatures and a beautiful sunset.

Bill and Loris, enjoying dinner on the boat.

Kathy, blowing out the candles on her cake.

As mornings tended to get started kind of late, Julie and I would go for a walk around Annapolis each morning before breakfast. Annapolis is still wonderful little city and of course, Julie is a wonderful wife!

Jim did a fantastic job as a party planner. The B&B, the food, the boat ride, and the company were all superb. Jim, thanks for the great weekend!
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