Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free music on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday during the summer, there is a free concert over at Deer Valley. Yesterday was the first of the year and it was a lot of fun. There were over 1000 people there, which is amazing given how small out town is.

We went with Bill and Loris Benson and Jim Covaleski. Julie has the stylish hat. Everyone has the glass of wine. It is quite a picnic!

As the concert ended, the wilder fun began. From some source I never discovered, a ton of water came rushing down the grass hill. It was an area right behind the sound tent, so no one was sitting there. Then guys started diving down the wet grass.

Some went on their bellies.

Some used the knee method.

Everyone came up soaked, cold and filthy.

After a few runs by himself, this boy's dad went running down with him. It was nice to see father and son bonding in the mud slide.

Mom, we're ready to head home......

A gorgeous evening and well worth the price (free).
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