Thursday, December 25, 2008

Twas the day before Christmas

The day before Christmas was a pretty one, although cold and windy. We've had a bunch of those lately. Every Wednesday I work as a Mountain Host at Park City. My job includes helping people figure out where to get tickets, rent skis, eat, and find good places to ski or board. We also hunt down lost children and sweep the mountain for injured or helpless skiers. In exchange, I get a free lift pass and some big discounts on stuff.

Yesterday I started by getting to do one of the more interesting tasks, leading people on a history tour of the mountain. It's part skiing and part Park City history. While I don't have a picture, my tour started with one of the guests falling out of the lift chair. She wasn't hurt, but her pride was. An unusual start.

An hour later, we ran across the emergency medical helicopter coming in. I heard third hand that it was a heart attack victim and that it didn't end well. If you notice the people in orange coats blocking off the landing zone, those are my fellow mountain hosts. It is yet another part of our job. Our coats make us look like pumpkins. Ugly, but easy to spot.

For dinner we joined Bruce, Carol, Hilary and Hannah Kahn over at the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet. The food was wonderful and I got a tiny little birthday tart as a surprise. I realized that going to a place with a ton of fantastic desserts on the buffet defeats the whole "free dessert because it's your birthday". Hilary and Hannah had dressed up and curled their hair. They've both grown up to be beautiful young ladies.

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