Thursday, December 25, 2008

When dogs dream of a white Christmas

At first I thought it was the result of all the people at a ski town dreaming of a white Christmas. I changed my mind after spending some time outside with Jasper. Clearly this was his dream.

We aren't doing snow. We're doing a full blown blizzard.

This is looking out from our front door. The shot was taken hours ago and it has been snowing hard ever since.

This is one happy dog.

Of course, in this snow the fun is trying to find the dog. He's the black blob in the lower right.

Snorkeling through the snow.

There is a special technique of bouncing up for air before plopping back in the snow.

The pictures are pretty crappy because the snow was pounding, the light is non-existent and my hand was cold.

The forecast says the heavy snow should start this evening. This isn't the heavy snow?
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