Sunday, June 13, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Sometimes it is tough to decide where you would rather be. In Raleigh, it is 96 and humid, with a heat index in the 100s. Yuck! That's supposed to be August weather.

Here in Park City, it has been raining for several days. The high yesterday was 42! It snowed up at the tops of the mountains, but fortunately we didn't see any down at our levels. We have given up trying to really break into summer. We would be happy with spring.

This is the view out front this morning. The 10000s of feet of mountains are completely socked in.

The good news about all this cold, wet weather is that we aren't having to water the lawns much. This is important in an area that just doesn't get rain through most of July, August, and even September. The plants are as green as we have seen them in our six years out here.

The nice weather forecasters tell us we should be back up around 70 through most of this week. I guess that's a start.

I don't suppose anyone knows how to merge the weather. I am sure that the Raleigh people would happily give us some heat in exchange for some of our cool.
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