Monday, June 07, 2010

Kelly graduates!

Julie and I went for a long weekend to Hillsboro, OR to watch our niece, Kelly Smale, graduate from high school. She will be starting school at Gonzaga (in eastern Washington, near Spokane) this fall.

On Friday night we attended the school's Baccalaureate Mass. Yes, given that I am not Catholic, nor did I attend a Catholic school, I had to look up how to spell Baccalaureate. Kelly sang with the choir and got to read a prayer she wrote.

On Saturday, we had beautiful weather for the graduation. It was held at Portland University. This is Kelly entering the room. She is very proud of her accomplishments in high school and certainly should be. Saint Mary's Academy is a tough school, but her work got her into a good college with some nice scholarships (academic and musical).

Getting the diploma.

And the traditional tossing of the caps.

Kelly with some of her friends and fellow graduates.

The other two Smale sisters: Laura and Jacky. With any luck, they should graduate in 2 and 5 years respectively. I can't remember too many occasions when everyone was all dressed up.

Julie and her mom, Joan.

Julie's sister and Kelly's mom: Sue.

Marty, the happy dad. I think the yellow ribbon means he was in Honor Society. The cords mean he was in the choir and something else.

Kelly, back at the house. She's smiling because she hasn't found her summer job yet. That gives her at least a few days of sleeping in late. She has submitted a lot of applications so hopefully something will turn up soon.

Julie and Kelly in the Samle's back yard.

Isn't my wife pretty?

Buddy the Dog. Buddy is one of the sweetest dogs on the planet. He's twelve years old now and starting to have troubles getting around, but he still loves being wherever everyone else is.

On Sunday, Jacky had a piano recital. Everyone in the family has been taking music lessons at one time or another. We've seen piano, flute, guitar, and voice. Jacky did well and it was fun to see kids from kindergarten to high school seniors all play.

And finally, Grandma Joan, Laura, Jacky, and Kelly.

OK, I am done traveling now and our pets may think we are abandoning them. In the past six weeks or so, we did North Carolina, California and Utah. Time to settle down and enjoy Utah for a while. The weather is warm and sunny, but that seems to be causing some terrible flooding in some areas. Fortunately Park City is spared, but Cottonwood Creek over near Snowbird and Alta is way over flood stage. Bummer.
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