Friday, March 04, 2011

Proud moments at Park City Mountain Resort

It continues to amaze me that PCMR is a mutli-gajillion dollar resort, but is all to often run like a dump. This is what the ice skating rink has looked like for quite a while. It is a nice mix of snow, ice and concrete. It can be embarrasing to work there and have to explain all the problems to guests, especially when the resort doesn't tell us anything about the problems.

On a more positive note, the resort added a number of "Adventure Runs" for the kids (and adults). At the top of every run is a statue with a giant metal monster. The picture doesn't do him justice. They really are fun (very large) sculptures.

The other day I was working down at the Kids Ski School. PCMR put up some nice large prints of their new monster mascots. Some are skiing or boarding.

Some were apparently around back when Park City was a mining town.

... and then there is this one. No monsters. No miners. No skiers. Just a bulldozer scraping up earth around a ski lift. All I can figure out is that this must be to honor the septic line problems they have every year off the Silverlode Lift. Each year they refuse to replace the sewer lines. Each year, in the middle of winter when the skiers are everywhere and the ground is frozen down to several feet, they send up heavy equipment to try and fix the sewer lines, again.

I'm fairly certain that isn't what this picture was for, but it sure seems like the closest explanation to me.

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