Friday, March 04, 2011

Stories for the kids

I used to love the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. My favorites were when Calvin's dad would take a legitimate question from Calvin and give him a wonderfully creative BS answer. Some great examples

I was driving by the Benson's house this morning and couldn't resist grabbing a quick picture of the footprints on the roof. What were they from? If I had a kid with me, I definitely would have told him or her that this is the time of year that Santa is out scouting houses, making plans for next Christmas. He doesn't have the reindeer with him because he doesn't want to be seen.

You could go on with:
  • so watch at our house and you'll probably see him
  • if we don't have footprints on our roof, he probably isn't coming this year.
Just millions of possible stories. I guess that's why I don't have children. They would probably be pretty warped.
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