Monday, April 30, 2012

Public transit in Raleigh

Although I don't spend that much time down in Salt Lake City, I have been impressed with their network of mass transit systems, including buses and light rail.  Hardly a month goes by without an announcement of a new line or the extension of an existing one.

I always thought Raleigh was the picture postcard for poorly zoned urban sprawl with almost nonexistent mass transit.  There are a few buses, but that's it.

A company called Walk Score just evaluated the 25 biggest US cities on their mass transit options.  Congrats to Raleigh for making the biggest 25!  Not quite so proud to see them as the clear and decisive last choice. Make sure you click on "Show all 25 cities".

Salt Lake was too small, but their score of 58 would have put them in the top third.

Dear Raleigh,

Is it too late to start thinking about zoning?  Even Durham's score was 50% higher than

- Steve
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