Monday, April 23, 2012

Summit County is going green!

Right after Christmas, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Park Record, complaining about the amazing amount of trash that was being left by the streets for pickup.  I suggested that we get more like some greener cities and make it really easy to recycle and harder to throw out lots of trash.  Right now we have monstrous trash bins, and if you are lucky enough to be one the few getting recycling pickup, you get a tiny little bucket.  Julie and I have to take our recycling to a local center (which we religiously do).

While I am sure my letter had no effect, the timing and end result were perfect.  I heard on the radio yesterday that starting July 1st, we will have a new trash and recycling contract for Summit County.
  • Trash cans will go from the current 96 gallons down to 64 gallons
  • Everyone in the county will get curbside recycling
  • Instead of the little recycling bins, we will have 96 gallon rolling recycling cans
Awesome!  Yeah Summit County! This should make it much more likely that residents, second homeowners and even vacationers will recycle.  It should have a huge impact on the amount of trash taken to our landfill.

This will also allow our local recycling center to focus their energies on the harder things, like hazardous waste and electronics.
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