Friday, December 06, 2013

A day of frost

I was hoping for some serious hoar frost because of the -10 degree weather, but no such luck. There must have been too much of a breeze. Just the same, I got a few pretty shots.

Taking selfies with your camera phone has become a big thing.  Here is a more mysterious shadow in the fog selfie.
I went down by the boat ramp where I was rowing this summer.  There was a lot of steam coming off the water, but for the life of me I couldn't seem to find a great picture.  They all just looked like variations of a fog bank.  I did like the shape of the snow on these rocks.
When I left the reservoir, I went down to Heber and drove around to the base of the Jordanelle dam.  The most interesting things there were all macro shots of the frost. A Bald Eagle flew by, but I never found him again to get close enough.
This is frost on a sheet of ice on the Weber River. I'm not sure how it decides whether to be a clump of frost or little stick-like frost.
This was probably my favorite shot of the day.  You can see the plants growing in the river, but there is a very, very thin piece of ice along the surface.  Sitting on that ice is this little lump of lacy frost.
Lots of the tree leaves were decorated.  My favorites only had frost around the rim.
And we end with a trio of different berry shots.  While they look pretty, I had to get close to them to get these pictures.  At some point I realized the plant they were growing on had thorns.

Seems like everything I shoot for the next week or so will have a strong winter theme.  More snow coming tomorrow, a bobsled race at the Utah Olympic Park, and temperatures never hitting 20.

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